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Services - We Serve You Better
Sonebhadra Technologies provides world class software services in different segments. We have identified the segments of our strength and come up with way to provide quality services using best process, practices and suitable technology. Focusing on segments of strength give us opportunity to improve our services in terms of time, cost and efficiency. It also provides the opportunity to provide research work and reflect in services. Sonebhadra Technologies has a way to provide software services with attitude of customer first approach. We provide software services in segments of strength - System Softwares, Mobile system/application development, Unisys Mainframe,Application Migration, Product Maintenance and Research activity.

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Welcome to Sonebhadra Technologies
  Sonebhadra Technologies is start-up technology company founded by author of famous books who have written books on C language and Data Structures. Sonebhadra Technologies has come with product EDSL(Effective Data Structures Library) and provides software services in different segments. We also provide Training in different technology and concepts to help industry to overcome in difficulties of making employees perfect in software development.
  Online Courses Enhancing Your Skills

Topic Offer Price Price
Subscription (Monthly/Yearly) NA $15/$99
Advanced Python $15 $50
Object Oriented C# $15 $40
Advanced C# $15 $50
Object Oriented Java $15 $40
Advanced Java $15 $50
Advanced JavaScript $15 $50
Linux Bootcamp $15 $60
Shell Scripting, SED and AWK $15 $50
GNU make and Makefile $15 $50
AntiPatterns - Software Development $10 $20
9 Software Design Patterns Courses $50 $150
Design Patterns Through Java $15 $50
Design Patterns Through JavaScript $15 $50
Design Patterns Through C# $15 $50
Design Patterns Through C++ $15 $50
Design Patterns Through Python $15 $50
Design Patterns Through PHP $15 $50
Design Patterns Through Ruby $15 $50
Design Patterns Through Swift $15 $50
Design Patterns Through Objective-C $15 $50
Data Structures and Algorithms in C $15 $60
Data Structures and Algorithms in Java $15 $60
Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms in Java $15 $60
Data Structures and Algorithms in C# $15 $60
Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms in C# $15 $60
Sonebhadra Technologies identified basic problem of industry for transformation of Engineering graduate to Software Engineer. Also we feel the problem of need to cope up with different technology and concepts. We have identified the training from our area of strengths which can reduce the gap between education and industry. We have excellent research and industry experience and planned our training in way that it can make the employee efficient to work in required technology.

Training Offerings