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Enhancing Your Skills
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Enhancing Your Skills

We provide industry specific training which is required for Software companies.

In new technology and concepts- C, C++, Data Structures, Lex & Yacc, Unix Shell Programming etc.

We also provides training on technology related to Unisys Mainframe. Like Algol, WFL, COBOL74, COBOL85, CMT, TADS, DMSII, Programmer WorkBench, CANDE, System Utility - EMail, LogAnalyzer, DumpAnalyzer, FileCopy, Compare, DumpAll etc.

These are the courses we offer on Industry specific, Technology/Concepts and Unisys Mainframe-

Software Industry Specific Courses

1. Who Will Be Programmer
2. Who Will Be Software Engineer
3. Who Will Be Designer
4. Who Will Be Architect

Technology/Concepts Courses

1. C Language
2. Object Oriented C++
3. Advance C++
4. STL(Standard Template Library)
5. Object Oriented C#
6. Advanced C#
7. Object Oriented Java
8. Advanced Java
9. Python (Coming Soon)
10. Advanced Python
11. Ruby (Coming Soon)
12. Advanced Ruby (Coming Soon)
13. COBOL Programming (Coming Soon)
14. Data Structures and Algorithms in C/C++/C#/Java/Python
15. OOAD Using UML
16. Design Patterns Through C++/C#/Java
17. Unix/Linux Commands
18. Unix/Linux Shell Scripting
19. GNU make and Makefile
20. Unix/Linux Internals
21. Compiler Design
22. Lex & Yacc
23. Visual Studio Extensions
24. SFCB
25. Perl
26. Jenkins(Coming Soon)
27. Git and Github (Coming Soon)
28. Devops (Coming Soon)

Unisys Mainframe - ClearPath MCP

1. Algol
2. WFL
3. COBOL74
4. COBOL85
6. CMT
9. System Utilities
10. Programmer WorkBench

We have identified these topics from our area of strength and hope to increase more once we feel it can be added in our strength.

Our expert of technology who has good experience in research, product development and in software services will be providing training and we are sure they will be able to share good amount of their technical expertise which they earned while facing problems in development

Any Other Information

We will be very happy for any query or suggestion, you can mail us on training@sonebhtech.com

Steps Through Analysis

Our way of giving training go through research and experience. We identify the training from our strength of segments and come up with best plan of training to make people expertise in particular domain and technology. This is derived ultimately from our product and services and thorough problem analysis in research papers.

Get Our Research

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