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Research Innovation Build
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Research Innovation Build

Products segment contains providing product to customers. The first product which has been launched is – EDSL (Effective Data Structures Libraries). This is template classes for commonly known and used data structures e.g. list, stack, queue, tree, graph, sorting, hashing etc. The vision is to become a world leader in field of libraries. So the thought is that one product will be named as “Forest” which will contain different types of libraries. EDSL is first library of Forest. Later on different one will be added like File Formats, Media, Numerical Methods, and Operation Research etc. Basically all of the new ones will be added based on research done in particular domain and how much they are required in industry.

Vision also contains to take advantage of these libraries for making strong efficient system software like compiler, debugger, system utilities and platform product.

Value The Research

We at SoneTech build our base from thorough research. We identify the strength of segment, do focused research, build the product what industry require. This gives way to come up with well defined process for our services too. EDSL is the first one from our research, now many more has to come, we are sure focused research inclined to industry requirement do wonders.

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