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Research Innovation Build
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Research Innovation Build

We will provide world class development tools to developers. Visual Studio IDE for Linux is step towards that. Using this extension developer can develop the Linux project in same way on Visual Studio as he does for Windows projects.

Visual Studio IDE is slowly becoming developers choice for development. This will definetely provide lot of flexibility to users and will speed up the developement.

Also we have made the capability to provide Visual Studio extension for developing project for any environment - Windows, Unix, Linux, mainframes etc.

A Good Start EDSL

SoneTech is in believe of identifying segment, doing great research, getting excellent knowledge and come up with product of industry requirement. So far EDSL has been great start to motivate us in this direction. This has boosted our enthusiasm in research for other segments too. We believe that it will be never ending process for coming up with great research with excellent products and will go the same for different domain.

Research As Service

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