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Research Innovation Build
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Research Innovation Build

Our vision is to become world leader in libraries and system software product. So initially we are going to start with EDSL and further vision will be achieved in steps. Our first focus is on EDSL which will give good start for product segment of Sonebhadra Technologies. EDSL will be initially available for C++ language only and later it can be for .NET and Java depends on market feasibility.

“EDSL – The Developers Reusable Library”

“Speed Your Development. Save Your Time and Cost”

All the big companies work on C++ language for providing technology and application to industries. Data structures are widely used for developing any system/application. There are lots of fundamental data structures which are required to use. Some of them are very simple and some of them are very complex and time consuming to develop. For example implementation of AVL Tree may take 150 hours/man. If we will check the cost with $10/hour then a single AVL tree solution cost is $1500 and 150 hours. Also this solution may be specific and cannot be reusable. Not only has this, other data structures may be required in different modules in same or different applications. So the cost in terms of money and time has been added in application which could have simply been avoided by using data structures library which can be used in application. If data structures library is available then it is going to reduce the cost and the development time for application which may be very crucial. Also EDSL will be using efficient algorithms for these libraries. These are the main reason why most of the companies would like to have this product.

EDSL contains template classes for following Data Structures-
- String
- List
- Stack
- Queue
- Tree
- Graph
- Sorting
- Hashing
- Date
- Pattern Matching in String
- Exception Handling

A Good Start EDSL

SoneTech is in believe of identifying segment, doing great research, getting excellent knowledge and come up with product of industry requirement. So far EDSL has been great start to motivate us in this direction. This has boosted our enthusiasm in research for other segments too. We believe that it will be never ending process for coming up with great research with excellent products and will go the same for different domain.

Research As Service

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