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Enhancing Your Skills

Expertise in C++

Schedule : 5 days
Fee : Rs 10000/person
Batch Size : 12 Person


To make the expertise in language through practical exposure.


Understanding of any programming language and good to have object oriented concepts

Course Contents

1. Introduction to C++
2. Classes and Objects
3. Arrays, Pointers, References, and the Dynamic Allocation Operators
4. Function Overloading, Copy Constructors, and Default Arguments
5. Operator Overloading
6. Inheritance
7. Virtual Functions and Polymorphism
8. Templates
9. Exception Handling
10. The C++ I/O System Basics
11. C++ File I/O
12. Run-Time Type ID and the Casting Operators
13. Namespaces, Conversion Functions, and Other Advanced Topics
14. Introduction to STL - Standard Template Library

Any Other Information

We will be very happy for any query or suggestion, you can mail us on training@sonebhtech.com


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