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Experience Identify Best Practices

Sonebhadra Technologies has come a long way with focusing on research, experience and then coming up with product or services in our segments of strength. We improved with lot of research and experience and came up with best practices which can be beneficial for our product and services.

We have made some practices common for all, otherwise we have identified best practices for product and segment of services as each of service has different type of work, domain and technology. Like migration may require different understanding of system and skill which may not be applicable for other services. We identified automated Regression test suite as a best common practice which take care of all the features are working properly after providing service.

Employee Strength

We have come a long way with putting effort on research, experience and coming up with output as product and offering services in better manner. We have identified the way for making our employee strength in their liking through well defined training for domain and technology.

Getting Trained

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