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Improving Quality With Well Defined Process

We believe that any product or services should be provided with best process which ensures the quality of our product and service. Sonebhadra Technology has product and services of our segment of strength. We have come a long way with making well defined processes which we feel ensure smooth service with better quality.

Product Lifecycle

We made our base with good research and experience. Our product EDSL is made on this base only. So we have come up with our process with identifying the domain and strengthning our base with research and experience. Then we identify what and how we can provide the product to industry. Then we comes the phase of development of product using iteration enhancement model. This model take care of all phases of product life cycle like feasibility, prototype model, development, testing, regression test suite framework and marketing.

Software Service Lifecycle

We have identified our segment of strength for providing services. We have same way to make our base with well research and experience. This segment has been identified for providing better services and we made a particular process for this segment. We come up with well defined plan for domain and technology, then comes the development process with iterative enhancement model including testing with regression test suite framework with delivery model.

Service Cycle

Each service has it's own life cycle and way of providing it in better way. We have come up with well defined process for each services we offer to customer. It's has proper base of research, experience and problem analysis and then final outcome is well defined process.

Research Papers

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