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Sonebhadra Technologies has a vision for society development. We believe that our small contribution in forms of education, health and encouraging democratic values can work wonder for people and society. We have great vision for everyone access to education and health and we will be continuously working toward this. We believe that positive and focused thinking in right direction will be the best way to give back to the society where we belongs.

Right now we will be contributing with free trainings to Engineering colleges to make them capable enough to face the industry in great manner. We have planned for free 1 year education for 100 children who does not have access for education, and support for health facility in 1 village through various organization.

Later we have plan to contribute percentage of our earning to spend on our society.

We Are For You

Our vision and Mission itself explain that we are here to work on making knowledgeable society and spreading the research activity through our best way of coming with product, providing best services and connecting to students through trainings.

Our Vision & Mission

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